Coteau Des Prairies Brandy.

French explorers named this unique grassland region of the Great Plains in South Dakota, formed with rolling hills marked with glacial lakes and underlain by silty loam soils “Coteau des Prairies” or Prairie Hills. This unique soil structure created a grassland environment that produces the quality grapes that make our signature vintage brandy, Coteau Des Prairie so appealing. Dakota Spirits Distillery | Coteau Des Plaines Brandy

Bordering the 44th parallel, this region has perfect sunlight to support viticulture, and became known for its farm vineyards in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The industry only recently recovered from the destruction of these vineyards that occurred in 1920 as a result of prohibition. The winter hardy varietals grown in this region are the perfect feedstock of our brandy. Today there are more than a dozen wineries producing great wines from vineyards in South Dakota. We select choice wines from these local wineries to distill into our unique brandy.  

Brandy! We're bringing it back!

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The combination of great wine, copper pot distillation and a column fractioning process allow our master distiller to select the perfect cut for heads, tails and middle hearts. Our Couteau is made from the hearts and is aged in hand selected oak barrels. This aging process creates a beautiful golden hue product, with a rich smoky vanillin aroma and a very smooth palate and finish. The marriage of the middle hearts of our brandywine with hand selected oak barrels takes time to age to perfection. We don’t keep an aging schedule for this one. It decides when it is ready.

This world class brandy has a very light caramel profile and medium finish that is best enjoyed neat. Unlike other American brandies, you should not expect a sweet flavor with this oak aged classic, and you won’t get any burn. Prepare for a soft, smoky and slightly vanilla aroma that finishes with a wisp of caramel and supple leather. If you know your brandy, you will want to get to know this one well. Come by our tasting room and introduce yourself! Very limited supplies. This one moves fast. Watch for announcements for availability of the next batch.