Bickering Brothers Vodka.

Clean. Smooth. No bite. Pure pleasure.  This ultra premium vodka is vodka as vodka is meant to be.

Dakota Spirits Distillery | Bickering Brothers VodkaTaste the purity of the upper Missouri River basin waters, naturally sand filtered.  Our namesake, ultra premium Vodka is refined, starting from a corn base, it is distilled in small batches to ensure the sun ripened grains produce a perfect outcome, every time.  The copper in our still works it’s magic stripping impurities from the distillate and leaving only the purest spirits in the hearts that we use for Bicker Brothers Vodka.

Centered on the 45th parallel, (mid way between the equator and the North Pole) South Dakota’s exposure to the sun is optimal for grain production.  Our long summer days are filled with blue skies. Our grains harness the suns energy to make the starch that we convert to simple sugars, and then to alcohol.  Using just the middle hearts from our distillation runs, this nearly pure alcohol is married to our local water to produce a true, top-shelf Vodka.  No icebergs, no waterfalls, no fancy ads, and no secrets, just great tasting Vodka from all natural sources.  Just like I always tell my brother, or maybe it is him telling me, “keep it simple, stupid." And please, enjoy it responsibly!

Contact us for a tasting at our tasting room, or stop by your favorite South Dakotal liquor retailer.  Bickering Brothers Vodka, our ultra premium vodka is now available at all of South Dakota's better liquor retailers!